Part of the Key Group, we have been delivering training and qualifications for over 50 years! We deliver across England to all types of schools, up-skilling staff and delivering qualifications through government funded programmes. April 2017 saw changes to the way Apprenticeships are funded across England, introducing the Apprenticeship Levy.

The Apprenticeship Levy is the government introducing a new tax to fund Apprenticeships. All businesses with a payroll of over £3M will pay an Apprenticeship Levy of 0.5% of payroll. This Levy will be placed in a government run digital account and available for the school to use for training and development of their staff.

I'm not sure if my school is affected

If your school is part of a Local Authority or Multi Academy Trust then you could be part of the Apprenticeship Levy, however, Key Schools Academy can assist you with looking into this or you can use the Levy calculator to work out your annual Levy payment.

Why was this introduced?

The government have been trying to encourage employers to contribute towards Apprenticeship training for a number of years. In their view this has not happened; hence they are now using the taxation system to give large employers no choice but to fund Apprenticeships.

When can a school use the Levy?

The Levy will be collected as a monthly deduction from your payroll. The funds will not appear in an employers digital account until just before the end of May each year, for Levy paid on their April payroll.

My School has got a payroll of less than £3M

The government will ask you to make a 10% contribution to the cost of Apprenticeship training and the government will then pay the remaining 90%. If your Apprentice will be between 16 and 18 years old, the government will cover the full cost of the Apprenticeship – this includes any existing staff in this age bracket.