I decided to sign up to complete the Apprenticeship programme as I had made a career change to working within a school. When a position for a Teaching Assistant became available, I was offered the job. I had always wanted to complete a course for Teaching Assistants and was planning on purchasing this myself. Key Training came to school to tell us about the options available to us and I signed up straight away.

I feel this is helping me broaden my knowledge about the career I love. I have learned more about the role of a Teaching Assistant and I feel more confident whilst at work.

I have recently been looking into and learning about AFL and how this is implemented within my classroom. We have adapted this in my new class to support the children’s learning.

Katie. My Training Consultant, is and always has been very supportive throughout my course. I know that if I need her help with anything she would not hesitate to assist me. This helps me to feel confident in my work. I met with Katie today as I was struggling with some aspects of the ICT mock exam that I have been working on. Katie was fantastic! She helped me and talked me through everything that I was struggling with. I now feel a lot more confident and will put these into practice so that I am prepared for my ICT exam in December.

I am looking forward to completing my course and the opportunities that it will bring to me in the future. I already feel a lot more confident within my job as a Teaching Assistant. I can’t thank you enough for giving me the opportunity to complete the course and for the continued support throughout.







A Teaching Assistant’s Experience

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