What Does It Cost To Employ A New Apprentice?

What does it cost to employ a new Apprentice?

Most 16-18 Apprentices are employed for 30 hours per week (allowing 3 hours per week for study time).

The National MINIMUM wage for Apprentices in the first year is £3.50 per hour (£5,460 per annum).

Key Schools Academy encourages schools to pay more than the National MIMINUM wage, we recommend a wage of £150 per week £7,800 per annum. We recommend this because it improves the quality of candidates and demonstrates the schools commitment to the learner!

The training element of the programme is delivered by Key Schools Academy within the school premises.

There may be additional incentives available, please call the team for further information on 0191 908 4397.


The Apprenticeship wage is for newly employed Apprentices, Apprentices who are already employed remain on their current Terms and Conditions of Employment.

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