Key Schools Academy can provide schools with an Office Apprentice.

Who employs the Apprentice?

Schools will create a job vacancy for an Apprentice. This will be a contract the length of the Apprenticeship (15 months Level 2 or 17months Level 3), there is no employment commitment beyond this contract, although many Apprentices become valuable employees and secure permanent employment. Apprentices are usually employed on a contract of 30 hours per week. All normal HR processes and procedures apply to Apprentices.

How does the school find a suitable Apprentice?

Key Schools Academy provide a complete recruitment service, including advertising, screening, assessment, and diagnostics through to interviewing. Candidates that are put forward to schools are therefore well matched to the school and job role. If the school has identified a suitable candidate themselves then they can appoint and Key Schools Academy can deliver the qualification. Key Schools Academy will deliver all of the training. All the training is delivered on the school premises, and remotely through digital methods (online resources, webinars etc). Training is delivered on a one to one basis through qualified Consultants.

How much does an Apprentice costs?

Apprentices are affordable members of staff, and offer excellent value for money as part of your support staff establishment. For full details of the costs of employing an Apprentice CLICK HERE.

What age are Apprentices?

Apprentices recruited into new vacancies are typically 16-18 year olds, although older learners are also eligible. Some secondary schools prefer older learners, however many younger Apprentices do work in secondary schools. There are employer incentives available when recruiting Apprentices, call the Key Schools Academy team on 0191 908 4397 for more information.

What is the time commitment?

Learners will receive a training and assessment visit from a Key Schools Academy Training Consultant every 6-8 weeks; and will have on-line progress reviews each month. Learners will need to spend 3 hours per week undertaking personal study on top of these visits, this may be at home or as part of their time within the school week. We have found this works really well as the staff member is not restricted to evening classes or weekends, we find doing the qualification in small regular intervals throughout the week is having a positive impact on their role as a teaching Assistant and growing their skills and knowledge. The programme enrols all year round and is flexible to different school terms. Any questions call the Key Schools Academy team on 0191 908 4397.

What are the benefits?

An Apprentice provides new, affordable members of support staff, providing new skills and valuable resource, and creating a succession plan for the next generation of support staff and managers. Employing an Apprentice also enables schools to create valuable employment opportunities for young people in their community.

The Apprentice will benefit from a real job with structured training leading to nationally recognised qualification. Even if the Apprentice does not gain employment after their completed Apprenticeship within the school, they will have gained experience and skills in a sector with lots of opportunities or they can progress to higher education.

Where is the programme delivered?

At the moment the Apprenticeship service only supports the English Apprenticeship system, so any schools in England with eligible learners across England can join the programme.

What are the progression routes for Teaching Assistants?

Staff completing the Business Administration Level 2 can continue to Business Administration Level 3 providing they are in the correct role to meet the qualification units. There is also options for Management qualifications.  Call the Key Schools Academy team for more information on 0191 908 4397.


The Qualification

QCF Business Administration or Customer Services Level 2 & Level 3

Awarding Body

  • SkillsFirst

Example Units

  • Communication in a business environment
  • Manage personal performance and development
  • Provide reception services
  • Organise business travel or accommodation

How do I enrol my staff onto the programme?


Complete the form with details of the apprenticeship vacancy you wish to create.