Are all Year 11 Leavers right for “A” Levels?

What happens to those who do not want or aren’t suitable for “A” Levels?

Creating Apprenticeship vacancies in schools can be part of the solution!

For your school this can be a positive step for learners, an affordable new resource and a succession plan for future staffing needs and contributing to youth employment.

Having an Apprentice will also ensure that the skills developed are matched to the schools future needs. This will help fill any skills gaps and allow the school to source future leaders from within.

Staff often find their time is taken up by smaller tasks when they should be concentrating on their key areas of work.

Delegating these basic jobs to an Apprentice allows them to learn and take responsibility, while freeing up the time of your more experienced staff. Better allocation of work should would make your school more productive.

Roles can include Teaching Assistant, Business Administration, Customer Services and ICT Technician.

Call the team at Key Schools Academy to discuss the benefits and also any incentives available at the moment.

Qualifications and Job Roles Include

  • Supporting Teaching and Learning for Teaching Assistants
  • Business Administration
  • Customer Services for Office Staff
  • Management Qualifications
  • ICT



With the increase in compulsory school leaving age finding positive destinations for Year 11 leavers is more important than ever. Creating a local school apprenticeship programme allows schools to make a major contribution to this; and provides an affordable, talented staffing solution For more information, and help setting a programme up in your area, click the link.